Thursday,11th August 2016 declared holiday

poll - ballot - Electoral Commission of Zambia
poll - ballot - Electoral Commission of Zambia

Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska says Thursday,11th August,2016, the day on which elections will be held will be a public holiday.

In a statement to QFM, Dr Msiska says this is in accordance with Article 56(2) of the Constitution.

He has however, directed institutions providing essential services to make necessary arrangements to ensure that the provision of such services is not disrupted on that day.

And Siavonga District Commissioner Lovemore Kanyama has directed all companies in the district to allow their workers time to vote in Thursday’s elections which are a holiday.

Mr. Kanyama says voting is an act of active patriotism where the people exercise their hard-won right to choose a government of their choice.

He says all employers in the district should consider the needs of workers who are registered to vote in their respective voting places which may be a distance from their place of work.

Mr. Kanyama has warned that companies that will stop their workers from voting will be sanctioned.