I note with great concern the continued political violence being perpetrated by supporters of the different political parties mainly the two front runners in this year’s elections. History has proven that a divided nation can’t develop and improve the lives of the citizens. I therefore, urge every citizen to denounce political violence especially the residents of Lusaka whom I wish to diligently serve as Mayor of the city once voted into office on August 11th.Meanwhile those seeking to be voted for public office are not paying much attention to the needs of the people we want to serve. We have deliberately decided to put a blind eye on the very issues that are close to the hearts of the people we wish to serve.

Yesterday I visited the infamous Chunga Landfill site to witness the antiquated garbage disposal. The sad human story of poverty stricken women and children as young as twelve (12) years who scavenge the dumps for plastic bottles, plastic bags and rotten food is a tragedy of poverty to make one weep. Most of the women have coughing illnesses and the children sickly and cold. How many of us politicians, as we theorize with our Manifestos and sweet talk the electorates, really understand the women and children we talk about? This is the question am sure many politicians will avoid answering. My experience was not only eye opening for me as a candidate but heart breaking. As politicians we have become too comfortable that we even choose to neglect the people who put us in office. I am delighted to have had first-hand seeing the real issues facing our youth, women and children who live in abject poverty. These are things we don’t feel comfortable talking about. It is unbelievable the fact that hard working men and women only earn as little as K4 per day and sometimes even less and no one even talks about this.

Fisho P Mwale Lusaka Mayor Aspiring Candidate 2016 Elections at the infamous Chunga Landfill
Fisho P Mwale Lusaka Mayor Aspiring Candidate 2016 Elections at the infamous Chunga Landfill

This calls for serious leadership at local government level that will deal with matters of such nature with the seriousness and urgency deserved. As independent Mayor for the city of Lusaka I will ensure that we work together as resident to eradicate poverty. I will ensure that every worker is protected and that we all work in safe environment, free from diseases. We shall take advantage of technology and come up with plans that can turn waste into other useable products such as fuels. I will make sure that every citizen in Lusaka is safe from the dumpsites that poses a danger to the health of the residents who live around these areas.

As independent Mayor I will work with all councillors and members of parliament from the different political parties in the city in ensuring that we make Lusaka a beautiful place that we should all be proud of living in. Our responsibility is substantial and we can only achieve our goal when we work as a unit, regardless of which political party one belongs to or supports.

In conclusion I want to make a special appeal to the residents of Lusaka that we have to look beyond party lines when choosing the mayor for our city. My pledge to the residents of Lusaka is that I will lead in unity, peace, with a heart to reconcile every resident in the city. I will restore decency at the local government and stamp out corruption at every level to ensure that our resident get a fair share of the council resources.

God bless Zambia and may we refrain from violence as we campaign for different public office. We only have one Zambia that we need to protect.


Fisho P Mwale

Lusaka Mayor Aspiring Candidate

2016 Elections