UPND Nakonde rally
UPND Nakonde rally

I was shocked that the UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema (HH) and his running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) besides failing to articulate issues and alternative policies to those of the PF, they also vented their anger and frustrations on myself, among other people.

While it is laughable that these two High Priests of Violence and Hate speech could find solace in attacking and framing a young man such as myself, I want to ask them not to draw me into harm’s way. I say this not out of fear but because of my responsibility to protect my name. It is public knowledge that I have championed the ‘No Violence’ campaign within my party the PF and in so doing, I also have a role in ensuring that perpetrators of violence on the other side of the political block do not cause harm against those of us they are opposed to.

I am therefore challenging the two UPND leaders to take responsibility of the sponsored violence in their party. Zambians are concerned about UPND’s fear-based politics. No one is surprised at the wave of violence within UPND because that is the culture of its top-most leadership. We need peaceful elections and while UPND has a strategy to cause violence and mayhem in PF strongholds so that there is low voter turnout, the people shall not fall for it. The long arm of the law shall also fish those who sponsor this violence without fail.

I therefore ask members of the public to dismiss the sentiments by the two UPND leaders who sought to label me as a violent young man when it’s clear for all that they are playing into the proverbial ‘remove the log in your eye before you can talk about the speck in another’s eye’.

May God Bless Zambia