Dr. Canisius Banda departs for UPND’s Eastern Province tour with GBM


Departing for Eastern Province tour with our Vice-Presidents Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Dr. Canisius Banda.

We are greatly looking forward to continuing the campaign trail and sharing more details about our 10 Point Plan for Zambia across the region.

In particular we will be stressing our commitments on agriculture, as many of our farmers in the region have been struggling as a result of the rising cost of inputs such as fertiliser and seed, limited support from government and delayed payments from FRA.

Dr. Canisius Banda departs for UPND's, HH Eastern Province tour with GBM
Dr. Canisius Banda departs for UPND’s, HH Eastern Province tour with GBM

As UPND we will do things differently by guaranteeing the timely delivery of inputs – no excuses; opening up access to finance for farmers so they can invest in productivity saving areas; establishing farmer training centres, and opening up access to market.

We also have a strong message on value-addition, for which there are lots of ripe opportunities in Eastern Province. If we look at the groundnuts that are grown, we will see them made into peanut butter. Why do Shoprite and Pick N Pay need to import peanut butter from outside? Soon they won’t. They will be able to sell Zambian peanut butter.

Today teams head into different directions addressing meetings in Lumezi, Lundazi, and Vubwi and before heading on to Chipata for our mass rally tomorrow.