Dr. Canisius Banda explains absence from UPND east campaign team


UPND Vice President for Politics Dr. Canisius Banda has refuted claims suggesting that he withdrew from the party’s Eastern Province campaign tour led by former vice president Guy Scott and former Chongwe Member of Parliament Sylvia Masebo because he is bitter for being overlooked as presidential running mate.
Dr. Banda tells QFM News via telephone that such claims are cheap propaganda which should not be taken seriously.

He says he has harbors no ill feeling after UPND President Hakainde Hichilema picked his Vice President for Administration Geoffrey Mwamba as his running mate.
Dr. Banda says his absence from Eastern province campaign team has nothing to do with him being overlooked as a presidential running mate, but that something personal came up and he decided to remain and attend to those matters.



  1. The government is big with two many powerful positions such as the speaker of Parliament. Dr Banda should be happy because generally when a ruling party messes up the blame goes to the top 2. He will be learning whilst enjoying freedom but at the same time consolidating his support base. Unlike the VP post he will not be a busy many in the event that the UPND forms government. It means his political life will be longer and active than starting at the VP post.