Dora Siliya scolds GBM


Hello Friends,
I have just heard the latest reference to me by GBM as ‘chiwelewele’ for posting that I cant wait to hear the true story about his ‘qualifications’. First of all my mulamu ba GBM, like all of us politicians, have no reason to dupe anyone on constitutional requirements.. its either you are qualified or not.

I have a very public education record starting with my name on the wall at kabulonga girls as the best student at grade 12 in 1988. In my second year at campus I was named one of the 2% most intelligent students. I am proud to have done a Masters at Cambridge through Prince Charles scholarsip. My former school mates at all levels are plenty. In the matter of ba GBM I see no need to ‘dont kubeba’ anyone with ones qualifications. But then not all of us have such clear cut education paths.

I am still convinced we are yet to hear more about GBM qualifications. I can only wish him well.
Clearly we cant afford a trump problem where by a possible leader of Government business can call anyone names because their skin is thin. I am glad EL and the people of Zambia have placed premium on education and in future no one will boast in doing any dont kubeba.
God bless.


Dora Siliya