PF government will not review the Public Order Act for now


Home Affairs Minister Davies Mwila says the controversial Public Order Act will remain as it is.
Mr Mwila has told Parliament in a ministerial statement this is because the quality of submissions received from stakeholders have not been adequate to bring about substantive changes to the Public Order Act.
He says the Public Order Act will therefore remain as it is for the time being, but was quick to state that this does not mean that the PF government has failed to review the Act.

Mr. Mwila says the only submission worthy, which has been considered and agreed upon, is the reduction of the notification time to the Police.
He has told Parliament in a ministerial statement that the legislative workload to align the Country’s laws to the amended republican constitution has also not allowed the engagement required to reform the Public Order Act to the extent President Edgar Lungu expected.

Mr. Mwila states that reviewing the Public Order Act requires more attention, and that further consultations will also be essential to bring about substantive changes to the legislation.
And Mr. Mwila has informed the House that government has prepared adequately to ensure there is peace, before, during and after the August 11th general election.
He says preparations include the training of police officers in conflict resolution management and impartial implementation of the Public Order Act.