PF has ruined my father’s vision, I quit-Mulenga Sata


Lusaka Province Minister Mulenga Sata has defected to the opposition UPND.
Mr. Sata has since resigned his position as provincial Minister.
Mr Sata who is the eldest son of late president Michael Sata announced his defection to the UPND at media briefing at Lusaka’s Chainama hotel this morning where he was welcomed to the party by UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.

He says the PF has been destroyed by the decision to embraced former leaders of the MMD.
He says he has left the PF to hijackers who have ruined the vision and goals of his father.
Mr. Sata adds that life in the country is becoming more and more unbearable, noting that things are deteriorating, citing the hardships the people are facing.

He says what the country needs someone who will be able to manage the economy and tackle the challenges being faced.
Mr. Sata says UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is the right person to run the affairs of the country.

Mulenga Sata



  1. Look this Zambian called Mulenga Sata has a right to choose which political part he wants to join JUST AS WE ALL have diverse opinion. So stop being hard on him.

  2. You can’t find people with visions in Zambia anymore you don’t join your enemy. All job seekers are the same they change just to get a job and if they don’t get what they want they move to another they don’t have shame

  3. Mulenga u hv a small brain thats why u dnt evn hv a G12 certificate….why ddn’t u stay in PF so that u can make yo Fathers Vision come true??May yo Fathers Soul Rest In Eternal Peace!!!!!

  4. Zambian Watchdog wrote
    23 April at 15:07
    PF Lusaka District aspiring candidate for the Executive Mayoral position Mulenga Sata has withdrawn from the race after presenting a forged grade 12 Certificate.
    Mulenga the son to late President Michael Sata presented a forged grade 12 Certificate to the Examinations Council of Zambia that was rejected.
    In fact he was supposed to be arrested like Mufumbwe MP Stephen Masumba but outgoing President Edgar Lungu prevailed for him not to be arrested.
    There are a number of fake grade 12 Certificates that have been detected especially from the PF senior officials.
    Mulenga was aspiring for the Executive Mayoral position for Lusaka District City but the PF introduced a grade 12 requirement which even Mulenga voted for in Parliament. Could it be the reason why he has left,because of the GRADE 12?

  5. And I quote ” Pf has been destroyed by the decision to embrace former MMD leaders” end of quote. so in short Mr. Sata is telling the citizenry that the UPND hierarchy is actually making the same mistake that the PF made by embracing all these guys who are joining them..?? so how can a country develop with such leaders ???

  6. Grow up engineer sata and you should realise that PF is not a kingdom or a personal to order party.All the best as you fail your fathers vision in UPND!

  7. It’s like some people have stopped trusting God and are now living and depending on dead people’s visions and legacies.

    Am sort for you brother. But I know it’s all about money. Do you think someone will care for the poor and yet you guys can’t even look after your orphans from your own families.

  8. this boy sata is a he now thinks that upnd has sata’s vision.why can’t he form his own party and put himself president?afterall he doesnt even ve a grade 12 certificate.

  9. You are not even a politician. You only came in the limelight thru yr father and with him gone you can’t sustain political pressure. Just go quietly and leave politics to the politicians.

  10. its Sata’s vision and not your vision and Lungu’s vision. Sata is dead MHSRIP and we have to carry on because he is dead and think the way we can take the country forward. are you telling me you can go to the grave and ask for advise think of the current situation and make things move. politics is all about numbers nafuti nafuti Pabwato

  11. But y now???why did he accept th possition wen he thinks pf ruined his fathers vision…this just shows how low politics in Zed r…some pipo r not even fit to b called polititians…they simply don’t know wat they want…let’s learn from th western…mxxXxm

  12. The problem with African politicians think that when their father forms a party they think it’s a family business,,, look @ the muluzis & mutalika in Malawi…..