VJ in hot soup

Vernon Mwaanga
Vernon Mwaanga


UGANDA has officially sent an inquiry to the Zambian embassy in Tanzania over veteran politician and seasoned diplomat Vernon Mwaanga’s recent statement in which he concluded that the East African country’s February elections were flawed.

Dr Mwaanga is reported in the Post newspaper, dated April 16 this year, that people should restrain the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) from using the same printing company in Dubai that was used in the February election in Uganda because the ballot papers for that country’s elections were pre-marked to favour President Yoweri Museveni.
According to diplomatic sources, the Ugandan authorities sent an inquiry to the Zambian mission in Tanzania, which is in charge of Uganda, for Dr Mwaanga to furnish more information over his alleged statement on that country’s election.

“The Zambian embassy in Tanzania has received an inquiry from Uganda over VJ (Dr Mwaanga)’s statement that the recent elections held in Uganda were rigged,” the sources said.
The inquiry over Dr Mwaanga’s remarks was also confirmed by Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba here yesterday.

He said the Government would be ready to cooperate on whatever information Uganda would want over Dr Mwaanga’s statement.
Mr Kalaba said Zambia and Uganda enjoyed sound bilateral relations which should not be jeopardised by unverified media statements.
He said it was not in the spirit of good international practice to name other countries and bring into dispute their political processes.


  1. Is he the first person to say?
    The opposition of that country said that too.
    The intanational observers said that too.

  2. VJ is not an easy nut to crack some one from the government is pushing Uganda to pin VJ Muzakangiwa ma veteran aya ka.

  3. Only stupid people can think the way some idolts are thinking about VJ. Is he the one who put the news on BBC that those elections were flawed? Was he not just saying what the world had already heard from the world class media like the BBC, CNN and Aljezera? The wishful thinking of these foolish PF thugs will not work. We value VJ AND CANNOT LET HIM BE VICTIMIZED BY KALABA. TO HEAL UGANDA AND THE PF

    • When you issue. a statement without gathering the truth then it’s you is an idiot, so in this case it’s VJ who is suppose to be called an idiot my bro

    • But does anyone talking about this issue know what VJ knows on the same matter; why do people always want to appear that they are more informed than the source everytime there is a political statement? By the way it was here on facebook and all over the international media that those elections were marred by flawed, pre marked ballots were shown in pictures here on facebook not by VJ but by that country’s opposition; come Zambians lets be enlightened at times

  4. he was careless he uttered that statement as if he’s muliokela he’s a master rigger he should just tell us how he used to rig elections unlkie poking his nose into the affairs of other countries

  5. Let VJ be sorted out..he is state man but useless, he must learn to control his mouth…..TEARM your mouth Big man

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