Politicians behind ritual killings, riots, says Nigerian prophet


A RENOWNED Nigerian prophet has described the recent ritual killings and riotous behaviour in Lusaka and other towns as political, orchestrated by some politicians to make the country ungovernable and to usurp power.
Prophet Isaac Amata has said on his Facebook page that the ritual killings and violence Zambia was facing were politically motivated by those who were enemies of the people and President Edgar Lungu.
He, however, assured Zambians that “there is going to be a dramatic twist to the ritual killings. God has started moving.

There is going to be a mistake that will come from the killers’ camp. I say a divine move from Heaven. I see exposure. Those who want to put Zambia into fear, into confusion shall enter into confusion.”
“In March, l saw the ritual killings. I saw the violence. I was told it was political,” Prophet Amata writes.
According to his Facebook page, which is his only authentic page and source of all his messages to the nations of the world, Prophet Amata said “that is why God said May is a month of exposure and surprise.

“The Lord is with you Zambia. Mr President. Copper prices are about to appreciate dramatically. On the prayer mountain, l saw maize diversions to other countries… Sabotage.. It will backfire.”
Prophet Amata also warned President Lungu to be aware of enemies, both within and outside the ruling party.
“Last night I heard the words, another betrayal! Mr President, be vigilant, be watchful. Some within, some trusted will out of greed, promises made to them……., will soon be revealed, expose themselves, they will be disgraced. I say be watchful,” according to his message of April 16, this year.

He said the Mr Lungu should not trust anyone but the Lord.
“Tell my son Edgar not to trust anyone but me alone. Many he trusted will betray and fail him but l will never fail him. Between now and June l will expose many more hidden Judas, who don’t want him to succeed. They want him to fail, but I will shock them all,” his message of April 25, this year, stated.
Last year, another Nigerian prophet Bro Joshua Ignila warned the President to be aware of tigers within and outside because “a tiger is a tiger.”

Prophet T. B. Joshua is said to have revealed that there were many hypocrites among politicians, who would betray the people of this country.
Of late, Lusaka had been engulfed in sporadic rioting and looting, mainly against the foreigners, following a spate of suspected ritual murders in the city.
Most of these murders have been blamed on foreigners, mainly Rwandese, but according to arrests made, all but two arrested were Zambians.

Some peace loving Zambians had accused some political parties of instigating murders to cause anarchy in the country.
This is because some ritual murders have also been recorded in areas, where there are no Rwandese nationals or other foreigners, and these had been done in similar fashion.

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  1. These are cheap prophets who seek recognition in a land that can become a heaven for their gifts. Zambia is not a barren spiritual land that has to import prophecies. Keep your prophecies in Nigeria and help your government and prophecy about the missing 200 girls.

  2. What the f*** ? What kind of a revelation is that ……tell that false prophet not to bring confusion in Zambia let him deal with the politicians who are sponsoring BOKO HARAM in Nigeria. ….if they have failed to deal with BOKO HARAM how can they deal with ours. I’ve never seen real prophets of God getting involved in dirt politics.

  3. Prophet of doom?What about boko haram where are we Now?get concerned with your country and leave us alone

  4. dont be impressed with your own wisdom.Instead,fear the LORD and turn away from #evil

  5. The problems is you’ve taken everything into politics as if, it is part of your daily lives. Live life in peace and harmony only you’ll enjoy life it self.

  6. Loadsheddin ni opposition,mealie meal shortage ni opposition,kwacha depressn ni opposition,low water level at kariba ni opposition,all enconomic problmz ni opposi nd nw its ritual killin its also opposition.dis government z a bunch of idiots wth childshness.a government dat owez puts a blame on opposition,do dese idiots understnd democracy or dey jst wnt 2 change zambia 2 one party state.jst wait 4 august 11 u maggots dats wen u regret yo force accusation on dese innocent oppositons.

  7. How come politician are now glued to prophecy when some don’t believe in God,Jesus and the Holy Spirit. God appoints his own. Let’s wait and see God at work not these fake stories of quoting humans if God is for Lungu then he will win and if God is for Hakahinde he will win. Stop fake news

  8. Lets be careful with such utterances… they ve the ability to cause war, if may ask if God really gave this prophet that data why didnt he also tell him the names of the same politicians…this is not right..

  9. Why all the insult people? We are all brothers and sisters here, belonging to one country. All these politicians are not our mothers or fathers to start fighting for,let’s try to intellectuals and argue like they do.

  10. This prophet is always against the opposition political parties in zambia and support the pf and president Edgar Lungu. Is he realy from Nigeria or is within zambia just changed name?? If he realy the prophet of God,why dont he name them because the zambian people want those people to be behind bars. I wonder!! Someone help me. This man is the first suspect. Police move in evidence ya pezeka. No excuse or the so called envestigations

  11. That profita has not done ethics of pastors.l forgive you. You will know them by their fruits.

  12. we heard about this sometime back from prophet zambian watchdog so this is confirmation.

  13. Pastors or false prophets,what ever name you call them,they will be judged by God not you. For them to carry titles whether fake or real,only God can and will judge.

  14. the next rumour ati ni HH behind these killings. preach the gospel and great peace among nations not division.its difficult to know true prophets it looks like am the only true prophet #kkkkkk

  15. If he had prophesied before the killings began,maybe,just maybe I’d have believed he is a prophet

  16. Pipo dont be fooled this prophet was bought by a named political party to cam n make false prophecies against certain leaders.he is a prophet of doom.he represents the devil not the son of God

  17. They are always quick to point a finger,non one ever points fingers at them when Boko Harram is killing and kidnapping women. is this what we call Gods work now? All prophesy that comes out of your mouths is about disaster and death? The world we live in today its a shame always quick to point a finger and yet forget that the homes we are coming from are broken

  18. A genuine prophet will say things that bring unit and love not division and hatred ,be careful folks and be fooled

  19. Kikikikiki Pipo, there are no prophat by the name of Isaac Mata in Nigeria. This page is controlled by Zambian State House.

  20. Let the Zambian government write the Nigerian government to have the prophet extradited to Zambia so that he can assist with investigations here just like Uganda has done with VJ comment on their election rigging

    • You are very dall and foolish in thinking, why reduce yourself to this low thinking you can’t eve reason before you write just because you are a carder! foolish you

    • Thresa Mothresal Snr am not the one responsible for your lunacy, if insulting me makes you sleep at night, insult all you want. I am at a whole different level than you will ever operate. May God have mercy on your soul.

    • Some people can’t really be understood. How do you pop up from nowhere and start insulting someone you don’t know? Are you normal? You’re actually the one who’s reduced yourself to the low thinking you refer to in your comment, if that’s not where you’ve always belonged to.

    • Ala mwandi James Musonda, what do you expect from a man hiding behind a fake woman’s profile, that’s what happens when you are a failure in life. Taking your frustration society.

    • Just watching how some people become so emotional. As if they’re related.
      Or they think these so called prophets are untouchable.

    • I second you, let him be extradited because he seems a better witness. Since he sounds like he knws them

  21. finally the paid prophets hav come out after so many weeks of ritual killings…..shame on u prophet

  22. This prophet must surely be part of de same political tags behind de same ritual killings bicos i dont trust him at all.
    Why dont u prophesy about BHOKO HALAM in ur country ?

  23. since the “prophet” knows the people behind the killings and has evidence, let him come and report the matter to the police…. so that we stop living in fear

  24. Go to hell together wth ur stupid prophet, let me tell that we dnt hav any prophet now, y dnt he tell us bfo hand? That z the problem. Who told u that a voice of God comes after destruction? He warns he pipo bt ur prophecies jst open their dirty mouths n confuses ur minds after an incident had already occurred, this reason y am here telling u dat to hell with them thank u

  25. Idiot fails to find the girls in his country and now you want to brain wash Zambians. Go burn in hell with a niddle in your eye

  26. Its very unfortunate that Zambians previously considered as the most welcoming people in Africa have decided to join hands with the South African monsters to slaughter their own brothers and sisters. My heart bleeds to hear that Africans kill other Africans as a way of resolving grievances

  27. Some pastors pliz, spare us your nonsense. Why don’t you concentrate on helping us know Jesus and be saved. This is disgusting.

  28. Tell that minor fake prophet to confess his sins,there is only I repeat only one true prophet of God Tb joshua

  29. Even when NOAH preached the word of God they said he has become mad till the action of God was shown to them your message is my message too but they will never believe us because we are fake prophets to them but only God knows our LORD Jesus Christ said the blind man can’t lead a blind.

  30. The real major Prophets are quite over Zambia’s unfolding, it’s dangerous therefore that this Prophet has taken that route,people will continue to insult him,this is not good.

  31. These guys are just liars.Why didn’t he prophesy before the ritual killings started that “i see ritual killings in Zambia” so that after they happened we could have said yes the prophet said it.

  32. Fake prophecy, the one you’re protecting is the one protecting those murderers so who is who

  33. ni HH naimwe ifintu ifilifye simple which other opposition party can do this…..only GOD will deal wit him

  34. The bible says test the spirits ,infact our good Lord has nothing to do with the politics of Zambia and He does not work with sangomas so called prophets of bribes .If people want PF to dominate God has nothing to do with that he will let it go as he did in biblical times so that people see later for them selves their choices ,but He always sustaines his people in difficult and trying times.

  35. wht ever u wnt 2 call him its nt gona change anything coz he delivered de message he received nd we heard wht he said .so far o de messages hz said ve come 2 pass so .hz evn said Lungu z winning,Hillarry clinton z winning in USA in november elections

    • We were even warned about him having been hired to discredit the opposition in Zambia long before he came. Why didn’t he warn Zambians before the killings started?

    • any idiot knows that Hilary will win naimwe and depreciation of the kwacha is due to the dull leadership we have. Grow a brain please

  36. The day that some Zambians will stop insulting on social media, is the day that will make Christians very happy and proud to be called Zambians. Lets Stop the insults and pray for the end of these killings.

  37. The prophet said,”it is political” he mentioned that it is coming from the opposition and only God has the power to denounce or criticise any ordained priest,pastor,preacher or prophet. So be very careful when you spitting something out of your mouth.

    • Which ordained pastor or priest, you mean this useless prophet. He is a fake prophet, please read the bible.

    • that is the thing,only God is the judge for all of us. no matter what say or do,God is always watching.

    • Roy like you know everything,dig deep my brother,don’t just scratch the surface and sink there.

    • And Roy,if you say we Zambians are easily cheated,what does that make you? knowing the fact that you are also Zambian.

  38. Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. Matthew 7:15

  39. Do not judge or condemn men of GOD. only him alone the father, son and the holy spirit has the power to judge and not you. Live the man of GOD alone!!

  40. i js wonder who gives them power to prophesy pantu naba fulisha nama yo bonse. puliz tell us who is bhind da ritual kilings rather thn saying thy ar political. musonteni #LesaTabepwa

  41. That motherfucker should prophecy on boko haram and the solution to find those idiots, not zambian problems, how is it all the problems we are facing are caused by the oposition?