Marjory Moyo forgives bus driver


TRAFFIC police officer Marjory Moyo who is recovering from injuries sustained after a defiant minibus driver hit her on Great East Road two months ago says she has forgiven her assailant.

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And Moyo says she feels much better after undergoing reconstructive surgery at Johannesburg’s Milpark Hospital.

Speaking from her hospital bed on Friday when former Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Leslie Mbula visited her, Moyo said she did not hold a grudge against the driver, Stephen Phiri.

“I forgave that boy the very day he hit me because I knew he was acting under the influence of something. What he did was not normal, something was using him. I don’t know what but definitely he was not himself,” Moyo added.

She said it would be pointless for her to hold a grudge against Phiri.

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“I would have suggested that they even drop his charges in court but I think the law must take its course. Whatever the judgment would be, it should be a lesson to others but for me really, I forgave him already. What I just want is to see him and talk to him when I go back home,” said

Moyo, who added that she was confident she would be out of hospital soon.

“I feel much better now although I am still in pain. Doctors got some flesh from my thigh to mend my wounds on one side of the face and shoulder as there were only bones left. So my thigh has not healed yet, then on the face, they still have to do grafting of the skin.”

And Mbula prayed for Moyo’s speedy recovery and encouraged her to focus on healing and not the appearance of her face.

Earlier, Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba said Moyo’s wounds, according to doctors, had become septic the time she was evacuated.

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  1. God bless you my sis its good you have forgiven him yo heart but he has to deal with law

  2. That’s the best solution ever ,,,,Forgiveness is the answer to her situation and for that she will be Blessed more,,,,,MAY OUR GOOD LORD BE WITH YOU FOR EVER AND EVER. AMEN

  3. Devine and uncommon thing my Sister. God bless you even ad he blesses all the works of your hands.

  4. Then withdraw the case. Don’t hide behind the course of the law. Anyone can forgive in those lines mum.

  5. She has forgiven the driver bcz it ws country wide known but if it ws traffic offence indoors, it could av been , so munyamata apa so offence iyi niyikulu ,its jailable offence, so apa nisakile chabe kan’gono kama jiggies then nikukambile kwa officer in charge apa ka 50 pin forgiveness in a forgivable offence bt forgivable in unforgivable offence. Mama let the law take its course and u shud start following as well the 10 commandments to detar these such cases.its u intimimadte traffic offenders to be jailed wen not jailable but forgive them were there are supposed to be in.

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