8 year old girls remained in coma for 3 weeks after being raped-Doctor

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

UTH paediatrician Dr Lalick Banda on Wednesday told the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court that an eight-year-old defilement victim who has been admitted to hospital since last November suffered a complete tear of the hymen. And Dr Banda says when the victim was taken to the University Teaching Hospital, she was unconscious because she also suffered physical assault.

This is in a case where Peter Mwila, 22 a mechanic of Lusaka’s George compound, is charged with defilement of a minor under the age of 16. Mwila, who is remanded in custody, is further charged with burglary and theft, as well as abduction contrary to the Laws of Zambia, but pleaded not guilty. But Dr Banda narrated that sperms were identified from a swab taken from the victim. The court heard that the victim suffered a third degree tear from the vagina up to the anus. He said the girl suffered perforation or rapture of the vagina connecting straight to the intestines.

And Dr Banda added that the victim also sustained severe injuries on her head and other parts of the body leading to bleeding in the brain. It was Dr Banda’s testimony that the victim was almost murdered as she was in a coma for three weeks. “A combined team of doctors from gynaecology and surgery departments operated on her immediately because she had severe genital injuries. She was taken to theatre where they opened her tummy to repair the internal injuries. After that she was sent to the main intensive care unit,” he explained.

Dr Banda further said the girl could not breathe on her own but through a machine. The court heard that on December 26, the victim was transferred to paediatric ward where an ear, nose and throat examination was recommended after observing that her speech was poor. He said it was later established that her windpipe was narrowing and could only be repaired outside the country.

“She had a lot of injuries suffered from the alleged defilement and physical assault. Her speech will remain very poor because of her damaged throat. She also suffered bruises on the left ear which was cut into two,” said Dr Banda. In January, the victim’s father testified before magistrate Judith Chiyayika that his daughter was allegedly defiled by Mwila who abducted her from their house. Trial in the matter continues.

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