Banda evicted

UPND Vice president in-charge of Politics Dr. Canisius Banda
UPND Vice president in-charge of Politics Dr. Canisius Banda

UNITED Party for National Development (UPND) vice-president for political affairs Canisius Banda has been evicted from his home for allegedly defaulting payment of house rentals.
A check by the Zambia Daily Mail crew at Dr Banda’s house yesterday found four men loading household goods onto a Mitsubishi Canter light truck, which was later driven to an unknown destination.
Dr Banda said in an interview that he is not happy that a private matter has gone into the public domain.

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Zambia Daily Mail

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  1. Please Oga landlord allow him to stay there, he’s going to pay the bill after losing August 11th elections biko landlord⛺

  2. that’s a lie,.. the rentals in question only accounts 10% of Dr Bandas’ monthly income that only

    • my point is thats just a misrepresentation of journalist reporting. there other factors behind his change of residence.. by the ba masuwa u r a teacher, I thought you r able to get implied terms on the first catch..

  3. imagine a vice president of a big political party staying like a grade twelve drop out shame