Fishmonger uses wife’s pubic hair to boost business

Luapula River. fish

LIKE a script from a Nollywood movie, the Kabushi Local Court heard how one Ndola husband got his wife’s used sanitary towels as well as her pubic hair and used them as charms to boost his fish business.
Could hear a pin drop in the packed courtroom as Vainess Musonda explicitly narrated how her husband Lawrence Chileshe also stole her underwear for his rituals to boost his fishing business in Mpulungu district.
Musonda complained before presiding magistrate Serah Bwalya and senior court magistrates Besa Mushibwe and Mildred Namwizye and A woman of Ndola’s Mushili township that since the incidence, she has not been able to have her monthly period.
“I do not know where he took my pubic hair, my used sanitary towels and underwear. I no longer have my monthly period since then. And he never gives me a reasonable answer when I ask him,” she said.
Musonda, 32, said problems in their eight-year-old marriage started when she was pregnant with their second child.
“He requested that he will be shaving me because I was pregnant with our second child. But he got my pubic hair which he then used as part of a concoction to boost his fishing business at the banks of Lake Mweru,” she said.
Musonda who sued her husband for divorce said she has also been having difficulties sleeping at night.
“But when I wake up to pray, he gets upset and starts insulting me saying I disturb him with my prayers. I know he is a ritualist because he openly confessed to me once and said he gets his charms from Kaputa before going fishing in Mpulungu. He is now wealthy and has acquired a lot of property,” she said.
However, Chileshe denied using his wife’s pubic hair and used sanitary towels as charms to boost his business.
“I touched them but I never got them. I cannot consent to the divorce because I still love her,” Chileshe said.
The court advised the couple to seek spiritual guidance to resolve their problems.