THE decision by Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa to quit PF and form his own party, Democratic Front (DF) has disappointed many residents in the area.

Many people charged that the fact that Mr. Sampa was capable of managing the affairs of the constituency did not automatically mean that he could manage those of the nation.
Mr Aaron Mwansa, a Matero constituent noted that Mr. Sampa was very ungrateful and selfish as he always wanted things to go his way.
Mr. Mwansa said Mr Sampa’s action to turn his back on a party that made him to be what he was today, was devilish and must be condemned by all people in Matero constituency.
“We as the people of Matero constituency believed in Mr. Sampa but he has really disappointed us over the formation of his party called the Democratic Front (DF); we never expected this from him.
“Just because he was not elected as PF president when late President Michael Chilufya Sata died, and he wasn’t given a top position in government he decided to form his own party; PF made him; he is so ungrateful and selfish” Mr. Mwansa said.
Another resident, Ms Suwilanji Nachula, said Mr. Sampa should not get excited that the people of Matero would back him in the forthcoming general elections, as he was not president material.
Ms. Nichula said that Zambia was bigger than Matero Constituency, saying that just because Mr. Sampa was able to run the Constituency as an MP, it did not mean that he could be Republican President overnight.
She said the MP should not boast of having brought development to the Constituency, because that development would not have taken place without the PF he had decided to ditch.
“If Mr. Sampa thinks that we will vote for him as president, he is mistaken. He should not even use the development in the Constituency as a campaign strategy, because we believe that those were projects initiated by the PF government and we are voting for President Edgar Lungu,” she said.