1. In a shocker eeh!!?? Kambani chabe kuti mwa loza kwasila! nanga tiza kusekani? Cathrine is tough when you are tough you are tough and tough is our own Cathrine Phiri!!! Congrats Cathy girl!!!

  2. PRE-FIGHT ANALYSIS: “..Yazmin “Rusita” Rivas will have a very hard test on her hands fighting African, Catherine Phiri, on January 30th at the Convention Center of Rosarito, Baja California, in the grand finale of the 2nd WBC Female Convention.

    “Rusita” Rivas is the World Boxing Council’s bantamweight champion. She is making a mandatory defense of her crown against a really tough opponent, who’s determined to make a great impact, using middle and long distance skills.

    The match will be a magnificent, apt and fitting closure fot the 2nd World Boxing Council Female Convention. On the undercard, Mexican, Ramón Alvarez will clash in a blazing contest with American James “Shotgun” Winchester.

    Phiri, from Zambia, has an excellent combination of speed and power, making her a worthy challenger for “Rusita.” Catherine has been training six months for this crucial fight.

    “I am sure it wont be easy as I am going to be in front of a very tough rival, but I am going to be more than willing to clash with her as I have been training very hard” she commented. ..” http://wbcboxing.com/wbceng/news/6044-rusita-will-face-the-tough-phiri

  3. U so called students why rioting over things that are given to u free of charge , why shud u blame the government over meal allowances, if anything u must appreciate for the little u are receiving your parents only contribut a Ka small percentage go riot at your homes so that your pocket monies will be increased. Catherine has brot joy, tangible income and put our poor country onto the map and u wat have v u brot destroying pipo’s properties let those who bring development be appreciated. pliz grow up for the betterment of our lovely peaceful nation

  4. So now you will see more companies flushing her with money and endorsements she will receive vip treatment from government. When students ask for just meal allowances they get tear gassed and brutal beatings. Just wondering what is more important to any nation education or sports? I have noticed that when it comes to sport especially soccer and boxing money is not a problem but when it comes to education you always hear people have to riot in order to get just peanuts.

    • What prestige do you bring to Zambia..you get avarage grades but busy making noise and destroying properties…excelling students get scholarships and recognition..work in reputable companies…some are usually picked during the attachment period…like me..if you excell in what you are doing you deserve an award…some of fail even to represent your family..
      .busy kumwa moba…you want a reward..she represents Zambia…won a world championship..compare that with your avarage grades

    • Why should they even riot over free money, they re fools and please lets stop blaming govnmnt over allowances, these students have families, Let them riot at their homes… Fools..!!!!

    • join sports too, sports people make their own money while education costs public money, how much has Catherine phiri mAde for herself and country,then ask how much property has students demanded worth millions of kwachas.

    • You all seem to miss the point my concern is that when you look at the two things education and sports especially soccer and boxing we get companies and government going at length to get all the money required but when it comes to education everytime it’s a disaster.Am not justifying riots but for students to get just the meal allowances it’s difficult and sometimes ends up in riots. No sane student will riot if he or she has been paid on time. We had a case of that poor girl who committed suicide just because she couldn’t get a bursary a very bright young lady who could have been a teacher, doctor or engineer contributing to our nations development. For a nation to develop you must invest in education. No one is denying that we want our sports men and women to make us proud but my point is simple and straightforward. The two sports I have mentioned receive a lot of attention as compared to education that’s my worry. Infact all of you can one of you convince me that you would love your daughters to be boxers instead of concentrating on school?

    • Sports put our nation on the international stage, it’s prestige, Esther has won a world championship! Those stupid riotous students bring nothing to us but misery, I wish you know how we loath your riotous behavior…how dare you compare unza students to Catherine phiri…

    • I think the fight should be for vulnerable based bursaries. I think we have a bunch of rotten fools destroyings pipo”s cars blindly. I dnt think a poor student frm Milenge or Shangombo who has a 50% bursary can resort to such evil acts of destroying other pipo’s property. Most of those fools are from well to do families. Before leaving for any college, Our parents encourage us never to get involved in such evil acts ….do these fools really come from homes. Next time you wanna riot kindly make it peaceful just sit in your ground and bank classes like that u can even have support frm every one.