MINISTRY of Home Affairs spokesperson Moses Siwali says there is no documentations to prove that Miles Sampa owns the Democratic Front party.
Speaking to journalists after a meeting between the Chief Registrar of Societies and Democratic Front party official Ngolwa Sakala, Siwali said records at the registrar of societies have revealed that David Chanda owns the Democratic Front party.
“I am sure you have been following the events. This is a party that was formed by this man Mr. Chanda and in the process there was this claim that there was change of office barriers regarding the same party. So, now there is procedure when you are changing office barriers from this person to the other person,” Siwali said.
“So now the claim is that there was this process which took place but the other side and our documents indicate that there was no documentation to prove that. So that is why we have instituted this inquiry so that we establish the truth regarding this issue. All the findings will be given to the media when we are done with investigations.”
Siwali said the ministry of Home Affairs will analyse the documents before giving a comprehensive statement.
“We have gotten the information that she (Sakala) has given us. So, we need to sit down, analyse and digest both statements and then at an appropriate time we will give a comprehensive statement as indicated earlier,” Siwali said.
“Well, that has been done and there is no dispute that…you mean giving to Mr. Sampa? That is nothing of that nature. The contentious issue is the change of office barriers from Mr. Chanda to Mr. Sampa. That is the issue which is there. This party is claiming to say there was this process but the other party is saying there wasn’t this process. So that is what we are trying to look at. We are investigating both statements and that is when we are going to give a proper positions in this aspect.
He said the investigations would be concluded as soon as possible.
Siwali said the ministry of home affairs had attached great importance to the issue, saying that it had attracted public interest.
And Sakala said she had provided all the information that the registrar of societies needed to do their investigations.
“We came here to respond to the media reports. We gave them the information they were looking for and we agreed that they will review the information provided and they will get back to us at a later stage once they conclude their inquiries. For now that is all I can say since the investigations are under way. I don’t think the investigations will take long because they have all the information that they need,” said Sakala who later on produced the certificates to show the journalists.