I am nothing without Esther- Lungu speaks out


PRESIDENT Lungu has paid tribute to First Lady Esther saying he would not have become President without her.
Speaking when he addressed pupils at the newly built Nyamphande Boarding School in Petauke on Monday, the President said there can never be progress in the country or home if women are not involved.
“Even in a home, if the husband does things without involving the wife, he cannot prosper. I succeeded in becoming President because I worked with my wife,” President Lungu said.
The President pledged to continue championing gender equality and rights of women and children, a message that is a reflection of what he said exactly a year earlier during his inauguration as the country’s sixth President.
And the President told pupils that they are not future leaders, but leaders of today.
“Without the young ones there is no future in this country,” the President said.
Mr Lungu is happy that a secondary school has recently been built in the area, making education more accessible to children.
“We assure you that we will do our best so that we create a better future for ourselves through you,” Mr Lungu told the pupils.
He urged the pupils to work hard and to get educated.
“Without education, there will be nothing for you. Worse still, there will be nothing for the people of Zambia and our future will be lost,” he said.
“You can be the future you want to be,” he said.
And the President has promised to look into the law to see if there is need to strengthen it to stop child marriages.
Eastern Province has one of the highest incidences of child marriages in Zambia.