Need to retain PF in power is justified – Phiri


PF Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri says the need to retain the ruling PF in power this year is justified.

Ms. Phiri has observed that notwithstanding the socio-economic challenges currently being faced in the Country, government has been able to maintain Zambia’s peace and stability.

She says as a leader who understands what is at play in the economy she is skeptical about the ability of opposition political parties such as the UPND to maintain such peace and stability.

In her view, political parties that are allegedly characterized by acts of violence are not worthy leading a peaceful nation like Zambia.

Ms. Phiri has maintained that President Edgar Lungu on the other hand does guarantees this stability and peace of the country given his track record so far.

She states the ruling PF under President Lungu’s leadership is thus working assiduously to make itself even more attractive to the people of Zambia.