Who funds you?

million dollars

THE Grand Coalition on a people-driven Constitution has been challenged to reveal its source of funds which it intends to use to de-campaign the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

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Political activist David Kapoma said the Grand Coalition’s statement on releasing funds to de-campaign the PF and the MMD was a source of concern and worry as it was a recipe for civil strife.
Mr Kapoma castigated the coalition for wanting to impose a named presidential candidate in the next general elections, saying the funding had a hidden agenda which had left many Zambians wondering on who they were representing.
He said the people of Zambia wanted to have a majority President and now that it had been facilitated, some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) had come on board to cause confusion.
“Let the Grand Coalition tell the nation the source of funds which it intends to use to de-campaign the ruling party and the MMD over allegations that the two parties have betrayed Zambians on the Constitution-making process,” he said.
Mr Kapoma said it was clear from the voting pattern by members of Parliament, both from the ruling and opposition parties, that they were doing it for Zambians and gave them 80 per cent of what they demanded.


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