Married in school, single at home


I HAVE been wondering where things are heading in almost every institution of learning in Zambia where you find undergraduate students living as husband and wife.
It is becoming common in universities to see students living together and recognised as a couple by other students. Little wonder there are awards like the best couple of the year shamelessly and thoughtlessly received by students.
The rate at which girls live with their boyfriends in their hostels is alarming. These young girls have a bright future. In school, they cohabit with male students whom they introduce to other people as fiancé.
It is important for a girl to consider the reason she is in school before moving in with a boy in school. What image do you portray of yourself? A girl should also consider if the boy will marry her when she gets pregnant. No wonder the number of abortions in training institutions is high.
What kind of advice will such a girl give her children concerning this kind of lifestyle? After school what’s next? Will the relationship lead anywhere?
Girls are vulnerable and they lose in the end. They call it school life but they do not realise how foolish it can be until late. Girls should realise they are not in school to be married. And when such a girl gets married, she runs from one preacher to another asking for prayers because she cannot conceive.
Girls, it is time you gave yourself respect and dignity by living honourable lives.

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