B-Flow releases ‘Balatuchulila’, ‘Victory’


TALENTED dancehall musician and gender rights activist Brian Bwembya, aka B-Flow, has released two singles titled Balatuchulila – dedicated to women – and Victory, which counsels ‘lazy youths and selfish leaders’.
Balatuchulila (they [women] suffer for us) features legendary musician Israel while JC Starboy features in Victory.
In an interview with the Weekend Mail, the soft-spoken artiste explained that the Balatuchulila track recognises the important role women, especially single mothers, play in improving the welfare of their families and society.
“I came up with the Balatuchulila song after reflecting on how my mother, who died last December, used to struggle as a single parent to fend for the family, how she struggled to find money to pay for my school fees after I qualified to grade eight.
“Like most women, she spent most of her life ensuring that her children get an education to guarantee their future…Indeed, Balatuchulilala,” the Cry of a Woman singer said.


The 2015 Mandela Washington Fellow also stressed the need to economically empower women because they play a crucial role in the development of any nation.
“There is need to ensure that women are educated and empowered so that they are not vulnerable to vices such as gender-based violence,” said the artiste, who was recently recognised by United States President for using his music for social change.
And B-Flow said it is encouraging that Government is recognising the importance of women in leadership, citing the appointment of Inonge Wina as Vice-President.
For the Victory track, the musician is urging youths to be entrepreneurial and hard-working, and to desist from being used as tools for perpetuating violence.
“In the Victory song, I urge youths not to be lazy and think of what they can do for the country, and not vice versa.
“The song also emphasises the need for the youth to lead exemplary lives if they are to take up leadership positions, most of which are being held by the elderly,” the singer said.