Lungu fires senior Copperbelt cops over alleged links to UPND

president lungu
president lungu

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has fired several senior police officers on the Copperbelt, accusing them of supporting the opposition UPND.

According to highly placed sources in the service, the officers have been dismissed under the guise of retiring them in national interest.

Top of the list is Peacewell Mweemba, the deputy commissioner of police in-charge of the School of Public Order Maintenance, Kamfinsa Mobile Unit in Kitwe.

Others include senior superintendent in-charge of operations at Kamfinsa only identified as Ms Mwiimbu, and Pethias Siandenge, who was in-charge of traffic in Ndola district, among others.

“It has come as a shock even to the police command at the highest level that these senior and strategic police officers have been fired. If you look at the manner in which their letters have been framed, they have just stated that they have been retired in national interest. There are 14 of them from Copperbelt alone and we know where this is coming from,” said a senior police officer who sought anonymity.

“…of late police officers have been interrogated on the happenings on the Copperbelt with the latest being the visit by [UPND leader] Hakainde Hichilema. It seems that sent most of these politicians in PF panicking because of the current volatility in the province where people are losing jobs in the mines. The Head of State was extremely annoyed that HH was allowed entry into the province, that’s why his exit from Luanshya was quite dramatic. Police officers forced him out of Luanshya with an escort of about 17 pick-up vans full of riot police up to Mpongwe turn off. The instructions were clear, to flush him [Hichilema] out of the province.”

The source further explained that the current political situation in perceived PF strongholds had seriously threatened the ruling party’s continued existence, which had resulted in witch-hunt in the civil service, including the police.

“In fact, for the police service it’s worse because instructions are even coming from very junior PF provincial officials, some of them in the youth wing. It’s very painful as a professional or career policeman to receive instructions from a PF youth official. Look at how these professionals have lost their hard-earned careers simply because of politics, for simply refusing to act outside the requirements of the rule of law,” said the source.
When contacted, Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani could neither confirm nor deny but said: “Get the details from the spokesperson of the Zambia Police Service.”
But police spokesperson Charity Munganga Chanda’s mobile phone was not reachable by press time.

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  1. Don’t worry they will be employed as guards at GBM milling and kachema farms respectively.

  2. and how do you bit the figure that feeds you, mwasombola Ba police ukutemwisha ukulombalomba

  3. mukwai just fire them all. They are very stupid, they dont understand the law of the land.

  4. thats y some positions r never of yo own effort.u r simply a pony in a chess game.come whichever govt.

  5. You don’t fire on allegations. You fire with facts and the president may have the facts irrespective of the tribe. Police requires loyalty and server the government of the day. So when you are fired don’t hide behind tribes but loyalty

  6. this is sad one seniuor police officer was fired just for being tonga , and we say its one. zambia one nation when we come on tv we speak with a calm voice so tht pipo we say we are humble pliz

  7. Civil servants must be inline with the government of the day…! if spotted out, he/she receives a penalty..! this is not based on tribal lines or regionalism… whoever thinks that the one who is tribal…fire dem ECL…..!

  8. And if we happen to have such a situation,… Then we are nothing as a country…. We can’t afford to go back to the buried era,… Jehovah twafweni…. Nakalebalika….

  9. Nobody should their jobs because of unproven allegations of belonging to an opposition political party. We are playing wrong tactics of targeting every Tonga and suspecting them of supporting the UPND. These wanton acts of ethnic cleansing in government are a recipe for total destruction of our country based on opposing tribal camps. Those who lived through the early seventies will remember the fear created by the state, when Mr. Kapwepwe and his followers, mostly Bemba speakers were locked up for UPP activities. A cloud of fear enveloped this country until Kaunda was voted out of power. This action by the state based on unproven allegations is a minus and not a plus. Affected people will retreat into their laagars and plan to defend their interests.