Murder most foul . . . woman kills baby with water meant for husband


A Harare woman allegedly killed her six-month-old baby after she mistakenly scalded him with water she meant to burn her husband with after coming across a video of a naked woman in his laptop.

The infant, Munesuishe, was sleeping on the same sofa with his father Owen Mironga (32) when the incident happened.

Fortune Vutete (27) was facing two counts of physical abuse and culpable homicide when she appeared in court yesterday before magistrate Mr Tendai Mahwe.

Mr Mahwe granted Vutete $50 bail with the State’s consent. She will be back in court on December 8.

Allegations are that on November 15 at around 5pm, Mironga received a WhatsApp massage from Vutete telling him that he had a visitor and was supposed to come back home.

It is alleged that Vutete also sent a WhatsApp massage to Mironga’s brother, inviting him to their home saying she had come across a video of a naked woman in Mironga’s laptop.
The court heard that Mironga went back home in the company of his brother and upon arrival he asked to see the visitor and Vutete told him that she was not going to say anything unless his brother’s wife was also called.

It is the State’s case that a messenger was sent to call Mironga’s brother’s wife while Vutete locked herself in their bedroom.

The court heard that Mironga and his brother sat on the sofas in the sitting room while Munesuishe slept on the sofa.

After a few minutes, it is alleged that Vutete came out from the bedroom accusing Mironga of taking her for a fool while heading towards the kitchen.

The court heard that Vutete proceeded to the kitchen, picked up a pot that was on the stove with boiling water and poured it on Mironga’s body.

It is alleged that Mironga reacted swiftly and jumped from the sofa and had his right arm burnt in the process and it is alleged that the rest of the water meant for Mironga burnt Munesuishe, who was fast asleep on the sofa.

The State further stated that the two were rushed to Parirenyatwa Hospital for treatment where they were both admitted. It is alleged that Munesuishe died on Monday at around 2am.