UK deports 500 ‘angry’ Nigerians


Some 500 Nigerians deported from the United Kingdom have landed in the country’s main city of Lagos on board a chartered flight.

Most of the deportees are however unhappy that they have been returned to the country of their birth.

One of them told a BBC reporter, Umar Shehu; that he was arrested by the UK authorities and was hauled back home even without taking his belongings.

Some others are angry because their relatives didn’t know about their impromptu arrival leaving them stranded.

The Nigerian government had in the recent past expressed concern over the UK’s plan to deport some 29,000 of its nationals insisting that due process be followed before any Nigerian is sent back from the UK.

Nigeria, African’s most populous nation, also tasked Britain to ensure that some conditions were met in the deportation process. That all deportees are really Nigerians, medically fit to travel and have a role to play in the country – meaning they should be able to fit into Nigerian society.