” We have never made love since we got married”

Divorce Court

AFTER waiting for five months to consummate his marriage, a sexually-starved Kitwe husband has sued his new bride for denying him his conjugal rights.
Brighton Kang’ombe complained in the Buchi Local Court that his wife, Melanie Mwanamuvebi, whom he married in June this year, has never allowed him to make love to her.
Kang’ombe told senior local court magistrate Elizabeth Banda that he is fed up of Mwanamuvebi’s lame excuses each time he tries to be intimate with her. This was heard in a case in which the plaintiff sued the defendant for divorce.
“We got married in June this year and everything in our marriage is fine except she denies me my conjugal rights. I have never made love to my wife from the time we got married. She does not even allow me to touch her,” he said.
Kang’ombe said all attempts to persuade his wife to meet her marital obligations have proved futile because she always gives him excuses.
“Each time I try to touch her, she tells me she is menstruating. She will not allow me to touch her even when she is not on her periods. It is not right. And now she has completely abandoned her duties. She has even stopped cooking for me,” he said.
And Mwanamuvebi, who did not object to the divorce, said she can no longer continue being married to a man who disclosed to his relatives everything that happened between them as a couple.
She said her husband told his family that he wanted to marry a woman from his village.
Passing judgment, the court granted divorce and ordered Mwanamuvebi to pay Kang’ombe K4,000 as compensation.

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