Chief Ngabwe’s retainer nabbed for suspected murder


Police in Kabwe are holding Chief Ngabwe’s
retainer in connection with the murder of a 60-year-old Kitwe man.

ZANIS reports that Central Province Police Chief, Lombe Kamukoshi, disclosed that police
are holding chief Ngabwe’s retainer to help with investigations into the murder of Donald Muleba of Kitwe district.

Ms Kamukoshi said Jimmy Mungaila, aged 55 years old,
has been picked up to help police with investigations of
the suspected murder.

“I can confirm that we have in our custody Mungaila. The reason we
are holding him in our cells is that he was the person last seen with
Muleba when he was assigned to escort Muleba on a motorbike to the station as he was travelling to Kitwe”, she said.

Ms Kamukoshi added that Mungaila was picked up by police in Mpongwe.

She said Muleba was in Ngabwe to attend Chief Ngabwe’s coronation when
he went missing between August 5 and October 17, 2015 when police
received a report.