Woman admits to adultery


A MARRIED woman of Highlands in Livingstone, who admitted to having an affair with another woman’s husband, has been fined K5,000 for adultery.

This is in a case in which Melia Sikabwe of Dambwa township sued Astriana Muntanga, demanding K15,000 as compensation for adultery.
Sikabwe told the court that Muntanga was having an intimate relationship with her husband, Hillary Miyoba.

“I want her to just give me K15,000, compensation for having sex with my husband,” she said.
And Muntanga admitted to sleeping with Sikabwe’s husband but said it only happened once.
The court had adjourned the matter pending the appearance of Sikabwe’s husband. However, the plaintiff’s husband failed to appear in court.
But Gibson Sikabwe said he does not believe that his wife was caught committing adultery as she was framed.
Passing judgment, the court dismissed the K15,000 claim, and instead ordered Muntanga to pay Sikabwe K5,000 as compensation in monthly instalments of K500.