PF cadres assault UNZA Rainbow member


DICKSON Lungu, a fourth year University of Zambia student, was on Friday night assaulted by suspected PF cadres when he tried to “preach” about the Rainbow Party’s socialist agenda.

In an interview yesterday, Lungu, who is studying development studies and ‘minoring’ in sociology, explained that five UNZA students affiliated to the PF got incensed with his stance to expound the Rainbow Party’s socialism ideals.

He added that those behind the assault were still moving about scot-free, while his studies have been hampered due to itchy head stitches.

“There was something like a mini-show at the UNZA students’ centre. So, I was trying to preach views of socialism under the Rainbow Party and the like. You know, I’m studying development studies and minoring in sociology. So, some PF thugs attacked me after knowing that I was talking about socialism and my attackers are students within UNZA but affiliated under the Patriotic Front.,” Lungu explained.

“So, I went to Handworth Police to report the matter today (yesterday) but I have been advised to go to Levy Mwanawasa Hospital because the police needs a medical report. I still have stitches in my head that I got from UNZA clinic yesterday and I really feel disturbed to study due to the pain. Even as I move around campus now, I feel I’m not free or safe!”

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