Petauke woman dies at 106

Petauke woman dies at 106 Pic credit-The Post

A 106-YEAR-OLD woman of Petauke has died after suffering brain damage and heart failure.

Donalia Nkhuwa, commonly known as aNyamboi, died on Thursday night around 21:30 hours in Petauke.

Family spokesperson and granddaughter, Emelia Lungu, confirmed the death of aNyamboi, also known for her active role in UNIP as she was among women who would cook for Dr Kenneth Kaunda whenever he visited Petauke.

“She was born in 1909 at Msupazi village in Chipata. She has left behind five children, 36 grandchildren and 115 great grand children,” Lungu explained.

She said aNyamboi lived in Mataya village, chief Kalindawalo, but was with her first-born daughter at the time of her death.

“She was a small-scale farmer and her husband died about 40 years ago. She was staying with her first-born daughter who took care of her. In 2011, when she fell sick, she was taken to UTH and since then, she was on medication,” Lungu said.

Asked what kind of folk tales she told, Lungu said aNyamboi remembered cooking for Dr Kaunda during the UNIP days.

“She told us many stories about Zambia and UNIP; how the country got independence and how Zambians loved the first president Dr Kenneth Kaunda. She told us that whenever Kaunda would travel to Petauke, she was among the women who would cook for him; she said they would cook Lumanda (relish) for Kaunda because he liked it a lot. She was very active in UNIP until the party got into power,” said Lungu.

“On the part of the family, she was a woman of peace, wisdom and love. She treated each member of the family with so much care, including non-family members who knew her.”

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