Oryx sues over 100 for defaulting on loans


OYX Finance Limited has sued a Kabwe resident who allegedly submitted a fraudulent payslip with inflated figures to enable her to qualify for a K50,000 loan.

And the financial institution has sued over 100 people for allegedly defaulting on loan repayments.

In October, the financial institution filed 127 cases and three have so far been filed this month.
Among those sued in the Lusaka High Court principal registry is Cecilia Mwiche of New Ngungu in Kabwe.

Oryx is demanding immediate payment of K50, 000 from Mwiche, which she had obtained as a loan on agreed terms.

The micro-financier is also claiming damages for fraudulent misrepresentation, costs of the action and any other relief the court might deem fit.
Oryx stated that in June this year, Mwiche applied for a loan facility amounting to K50, 000 and filled in all the necessary loan application forms.

Mwiche, it was stated, submitted various documents tosupport her loan application, among them a payslip for June, utility bill, bank statement and credit reference bureau report.
Oryx stated that it proceeded to appraise the loan and approved the K50, 000 based on her income as reflected on Mwiche’s payslip.

Oryx stated that the loan agreement was signed on August 10 with a repayment period of 60 months at 24 per cent per annum, plus K500 monthly account maintenance fee and K333.33 monthly agreement fees.

It stated that the monthly payments were to be deducted directly from the defendant’s salary by her employer.

“On or about 30th September 2015, the monthly deductions on the defendant’s salary in the sum of K2, 614.00 did not go through as the defendant’s salary was insufficient to service the monthly loan payment,” read the statement in part. “The plaintiff later discovered
that the purported pay slip submitted by the defendant was in fact a fraudulent document with inflated figures to enable her fraudulently qualify for a larger loan amount.”

It stated that Mwiche had obtained the loan through fraudulent misrepresentation owing to her presentation of a forged pay slip.

Oryx also stated that it, therefore, recalled Mwiche’s loan for default.

It was further submitted that despite several and repeated reminders for the defendant to pay back the loan, she has refused or neglected to oblige.

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