MMD party of choice

Nevers Sekwila Mumba
Nevers Sekwila Mumba

THE Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) has always been the party of choice, says its leader Nevers Mumba.
Dr Mumba said the only problem was the presidential wangles that erupted before the January 20 presidential elections which destabilised the former ruling party.
Asked to comment on the party’s chances of winning the presidential election in the 2016 general elections, Dr. Mumba said the MMD had a fair chance of retaining the presidency because it had resolved all its internal wrangles and was mobilising ahead of the elections next year.
He said the party had embarked on a vigorous mobilisation campaign aimed at reclaiming its members who had ditched the party after confusions erupted over the January 20 presidential candidate

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“We have always been a party of choice from the time MMD was formed and that is how it was possible for us to dislodge UNIP which was in power at the time we went to the polls in 1991. The members remained loyal to the party but the problem came in January this year after those wrangles over who leads the party to the election erupted.
“Those wrangles denied us a chance to reclaim the presidency in January because some people lost faith in the party and others joined other political parties such as UPND and the PF and in the end we lost our voters,” Dr. Mumba said.
He said the party had resolved all the differences and that its members were only preoccupied with ensuring that their colleagues who had left the party came back through its coordinated mobilisation campaigns which it had started.
“It is obvious that going into the 2016 elections, we will have our own fair share of elections just like any of the other big parties and MMD is in the right track to ensure that we win the elections at all cost.
“We have put our past behind; people who had left the party have come back and this means that even the voters who had shifted their loyalty from us to the UPND and PF will give us their votes because they were initially our voters,” he said.
He however said the MMD would only be ushered into office if it continued to work hard because the strategies it will employ and how well it will package its campaign message will determine the outcome of the results.
“There is still work to be done. What we will do between now and the day of the polls will determine the outcome of the results and this is why we are doing everything possible to ensure that we win the election. Our programme is in place and soon you will see us moving from one place to another to mobilise ourselves ahead of the elections next year,” he said.

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