‘UPND’ cadres attack Vice President’s Nalolo home

UPND Campaign in Western Province 29th Nov. 2014
UPND Campaign in Western Province 29th Nov. 2014

Suspected opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres yesterday attacked and destroyed property at Vice President Inonge Wina’s private residence in Muoyo area of Nalolo district in Western Province.

Vice President Inonge Wina said in Lusaka on Sunday November 22nd that the cadres, who were seen by everybody who was present, attacked and beat up her relatives who were found at her private home in Nalolo constituency.

Mrs. Wina expressed disappointment that the cadres had the audacity to attack her relatives noting that they were targeting her sister who was however away from home at the time of the attack.

“If they want to attack, let them attack me here in Lusaka,” she said.

Ms. Wina explained that the cadres vented their anger by attacking people that were at the home and broke window panes.

She said this happened when UPND president Hakainde Hichilema was in the area about to pay a courtesy call on Litunga Lamboela in Nalolo.

But when contacted for a comment, UPND spokesperson Charles Kakoma expressed ignorance on the matter saying he had not yet received any information to that effect.

And efforts to contact Mr. Hichilema, his two vice presidents Geoffrey Mwamba and Canicius Banda proved futile as all their phones went unanswered.

Meanwhile, stakeholders have roundly condemned the political violence urging law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate the violence and bring culprits to book.

Meanwhile, some civil society organisations have condemned the behaviour of suspected UPND cadres that attacked Mrs. Wina’s home.

Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue (ZCID) Executive Director, Horrance Chilando condemned the violence and appealed to political parties to co-exist.

Mr. Chilando said the violence is a draw back because last week, the centre conducted a workshop for political parties on how to conduct themselves when interfacing.

He has since called on all political parties to adhere to the provisions of the ZCID code of conduct and ethics which they signed in 2010.

Mr. Chilando further called on political parties to also follow the provisions of the Public Order Act in order to maintain peace at all times.

And speaking in a separate interview, Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Executive Director Pukuta Mwanza implored political parties to respect divergent views and desist from using coercion to win political support.

Reverend Mwanza said the attack of Vice President’s private residence sends a wrong signal considering that Zambia will hold its tripartite elections in 2016.

He noted that peace should prevail so that Zambians can freely choose their leaders without being coerced through violence.

“The news is very unfortunate because we are dealing with the V.P of this country and political cadres must not go to this extent of trading violence to this degree and we have been condemning violence to any extent among cadres of various parties,” he said.

Rev. Mwanza has since called on the police and other law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate the matter in order to curb the violence.

He explained that political violence cannot be allowed to go on uncontrollably in a bid to ensure that political campaigns in 2016 are held in a conducive and peaceful environment.

Rev. Mwanza also implored leaders from both the ruling and opposition political parties to disown violent cadres.

And Jesuits Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) Director, Leonard Chiti asked political party leaders and well-meaning Zambians to embrace President Edgar Lungu’s reconciliation calls.

Father Chiti said Zambians should embrace calls for national unity regardless of their political and religious affiliations in order to preserve the peace that the country has enjoyed since 1964.


  1. I was they and its a lay no one was attacked the croud u see it was pipo hu come to ricieve him not beating

  2. Ninsoni baufile ba Inonge after ukumona ifyo chadibele kuli HH in her own home ground

  3. Unknown people yesterday attacked vice president Inonge Wina’s house in Nalolo consttuency, beating up her relatives and smashing windows. This coincidently happened when UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema (HH) was in the area to pay homage to Litunga Limboela in Moyo yesterday.

  4. Any violence that takes place anywhere, why is it always that HH and UPND are the ones behind it….? we should stop this thing of tribalism…..Wina was only rejected and not wanted by her own people so leave HH and UPND alone…..

  5. Its real sad that this can be happening on the Zambian soils and other Zambians are celebrating about it.

  6. So u are telling me that all these are lying?i cant believe jst primes report,and u cant tel me all online media are fabricating stories.

  7. Kalani Muchima u are a biased reporter.y shud we believe u & not the marjority media houses.and the photos cummin from there what have u got to say.i av seen u interview both opposition and pf leaders and observed your biasness.u are the wrong person to coment.one wonders who sponsored yo trip for u to defend upnd.tell us y is fat albert and sturborn faced hh quiet?coz even afta the incident their phones went unanswerd.dont misled pipo.

    • My brother dats yo opinion abut me nd i can not ague with you.in any case I can not manage to please everyone just like u cannot do de same but in dis case am telling wat was on de ground.I substantiate wat i report nd say.I stand on de truth period.

    • With regard to interviewing you don’t expect me to ask our leaders de same question or same style to those in opposition. Interviews vary from person to person nd situations. I luv pipo who christicize me though coz dat helps to shape me so thanks my brother for yo feed back am humbled

  8. Hahaha, so wot if pipo attacked her premises? that speaks even louder that she is probably rejected from where she’s coming from…. we didn’t see any picture in the media when pf attacked our secretariat in kitwe….. we r heading to wot winter kabimba termed an “eye for an eye” when pf was in opposition!!! don’t worry the game is taking its course, UPND has never been violent and will never be my point is if that happened, those r NALOLO ordinary residents not party carders… that’s what happens when your own rejects U! as Kambwili in Luanshya????

    • Hahaha c.j rejected by luanshya residents, ask him if he is going to stand as mp there once more,…. l challenge u mama to do the research if luanshya which used to b the pf strong hold to boast about is still your strong hold????? Nalolo they don’t even receive Inonge as theirs, if the Veep claims to be popular we would have heard that caders clashed, now not even one claimed to have been pf to witness the attacks,…anyway l understand pf bcoz u r always using same caders so since the veep wasn’t there, all the caders had shifted to Lusaka…. we see u doing this evn in rallies…

  9. look carefully at the picture the way they look someone may tell that these people come from southern province.

  10. I was there nd nothing of dat sort happened. De veeps place in nalolo is highly guarded by policemen nd other security agents including de op so how possible cud dat be? More over de place is well secured in a wall fence so please let’s not cheat pipo.I don’t comment on such pages but I ev been forced to because I was on de ground nd nothing of dat sort happened.if u want ask de veep herself.

  11. If this is a true picture, then it wud surely lead the police to arrests, then the national will know if they are really upnd cadres.

  12. hehehehehehehe ba UPND so mwenso onse uyo!! If u can’t defeat them Join them….via EL2016

  13. Can you please rewind the story, did you & znbc report about the incident which happened to the upnd supporters in the copper belt?