LUSAKA Wife pours urine on hubby


A LUSAKA man narrated in the Kanyama local court how his wife poured urine on him when she came back home late.
Mazuba Mainza, 39, of Garden House was greeted by urine splashed from a chamber pot by his wife, Miniva Phiri, 33, of Chawama when he delayed to open the door for her after she returned home from collecting a debt from the neighbourhood.
This was a case in which Phiri sued Mainza for divorce after undergoing a number of problems caused by her sisters-in-law as they were trying to control the brother’s marriage.
The two got married in 2010 and have two children together. Mainza partially paid dowry in monetary form as well as chickens and goats.
Phiri said she was very disappointed in the manner her sisters-in-law were trying to kick her out of the house, saying she was looking older than her husband going by the weight she had gained since 2011.
“In 2011, one of his sisters came home and demanded that I should leave as I was quickly getting older than my husband,” Phiri said.
Phiri said after continued pestering from her in-laws, she requested her husband that the two relocate to Garden House, but the sisters-in-law opposed the move.
She said her husband had also stopped eating from the matrimonial home as he only went there to sleep after drinking sprees.

Phiri said her sisters-in-law had also accused her of having killed their mother who died of depression after she (Phiri) continued staying with the family even when she was not wanted.
In defence, Mainza said he never wanted to remain in marriage with Phiri, who charged that she wanted reconciliation instead of divorce.
“She does not have respect. I was in a red T-shirt when she poured urine on me and I fear that we may kill each other,” Mainza said.
Passing judgment, senior local court senior magistrate Daniel Phiri, sitting with Ackim Phiri and Sarah Nyendwa, granted the couple divorce.
“Court finding: Lack of seriousness from the very beginning due to lack of marriage counsellors and the woman has failed to challenge the husband on the allegations,” Mr Phiri said.
He ordered Mainza to compensate his wife with K3,000, starting with K1,000 and K250 thereafter coupled with K400 for the children per month.


Times of Zambia