Miles should be commended

Miles Sampa (Deputy minister of Commerce)
Miles Sampa

Miles Sampa deserves some solidarity from all well-meaning Zambians.
We need people of high moral standing like Miles in Zambian politics today.
Miles is late Michael Sata’s nephew and he can’t sit back and watch while his uncle is being insulted by President Edgar Lungu and his bootlickers calling themselves founder members of the PF.
I remember in 2011 when Zambians celebrated the exit of MMD from power because of the party’s corrupt tendencies, but today the same corrupt elements are the darlings of PF.
What Lungu is saying is that the PF has no material to uphold Sata’s vision and legacy.
It is actually a shame for Mulenga Sata to keep rubbing shoulders with a person who doesn’t respect his father’s vision.
Miles has proved that he is not a pretender, nor is he in politics for selfish gain.
Honestly, how can people from the opposition get full Cabinet positions at the expense of others, like Miles, who sacrificed for the party?
What criterion is Lungu using to appoint his ministers?
People like Sampa should be commended for the bold decision he has taken not to be abused by a regime that is dining with the people whom Zambians rejected due to corruption.
Some of the ministers who started with Sata are pretending that all is well.


It is a known fact that most of them are in the system to protect their own interests and it hurts how desperate people can be. How can people believe that anyone is asking for Miles to leave Matero?
Everybody knows Miles is a performer and if he joins any party, he will join as a clean guy and not as a condemned or corrupt element.
It is immoral for the President to appoint into Cabinet people facing charges in court and leave out clean individuals like Miles.
It is also immoral that the state wants to harass an innocent newspaper for political expediency.
Is it possible for people to realise that we are all Zambians fighting for a better Zambia?
ZRA should produce a full list of companies that owe it money apart from The Post.
You cannot victimise some and leave others .

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