Nigerian musician Davido robbed in South Africa

Davido Pic credit-DailyPost

Davido was robbed of $55 000 (R791,000) in cash and two Rolex watches worth R50 000 each.

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The incident while the musician was walking in Sandton on Friday.

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Davido has received international acclaim for his unique brand of Nigerian music combined with pop and Afro soul influences, the Sandton Chronicle reported.

He was passing through South Africa en route to Atlanta, USA, where he is based and performs regularly.

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  1. SA is the most Notorious country in robbing in the world n if u have never been there u can’t know, so Roger that. to u who don’t know Davido that is the smallest money that he can cary in a pocket n can’t make him poor by that.DAVIDO-GOBE!!!!!!

  2. Well done south Africans to the son of a bitch, the boy is so boastful that he never knew that Zambia was a village

  3. Why the hell should some one move with such collosal amounts of money as if there no banks?