Lab tests confirm outbreak of influenza H3N2 at NRDC

Minister of Health Joseph Kasonde
Minister of Health Joseph Kasonde

Laboratory tests on samples collected from students at the Natural Resources Development College in Lusaka have confirmed that the current flulike outbreak at the institution is due to Influenza H3N2 Virus.
Health Minister Joseph Kasonde says the Influenza H3N2 Virus is a none life threatening infection that spreads from person to person.
Dr. Kasonde has told Parliament in a ministerial statement this afternoon that the Influenza has been shown to be in circulation around the Country.
He explains that it is common to have outbreaks of Influenza H3N2 in schools and colleges as is the case at NRDC because of having a number of people gathered in one place.

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Dr. Kasonde has assured the nation that this infection poses no danger to the students and members of staff at NRDC.
He states that the college should therefore continue operating normally.
Dr. Kasonde says his Ministry will however continue to monitor the situation at the institution.
He also advised that students who develop symptoms to immediately report to Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital.
Dr. Kasonde states that medical staffs at the Hospital are ready and equipped to deal with any case of infection that may arise.


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