Dandy Crazy assaulted


The Patriotic Front PF has called for the arrest of UPND members who attacked Musician Wesley Chibambo , popularly known as Dandy Crazy , at Natasha Nite Club in Mazabuka where he was scheduled to perform.

Chibambo was attacked and assaulted reportedly in full view of police officers

PF Media and Publicity Committee Vice Chairperson Sunday Chanda says the police should not take long before arresting Chibambo’s attackers because they are well known UPND cadres who were clad in their party UPND regalia on the night of the attack.

Mr Chanda has since called on UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to publicly condemn the violence and calm his supporters in Southern Province to abandon what he terms as the Mapatizya formula.

Meanwhile, PF has assured the nation that it shall adhere to President Edgar Lungu’s directive of non-violence, unity and peace-building as they interface political opponents.

This is according to a statement made available to ZNBC News by PF Media and Publicity Committee Vice Chairperson Sunday Chanda.




  1. Losers forever your hearts 💕 are like those of crocodiles 🐊 and you should always vote for your selves don’t expect votes from some where else . Bitter people indeed. 2016 ni #KOLOPA.COM

  2. if u tongaz dont want other tribes in yo region then u ar fools nt bcoz u support hh bt becoz u ar encouraging tribalism.dont thnk u wil die there,one day u wil visit other regions where other tribes live,u wil be beaten.watch wat u do!!!

  3. atase u idiots what would you hav done if he insulted your land and goes there without even a simple apology you talking of war bring it own lets see who will have the final say infact mulekokola saana

  4. Very bad ,pilato is able to sing any where but pipo respect his views and opinions but why dandy is this the government we want?.mwandi agani ifi ninshi ikaba ni masacre tukapwa ngatawaba mu tribe yaba president.

  5. I will not waste to comment coz this picture is not inline with this rubbish post.Show me how this guy was physically harrassed.Then i will pass a good comment.

  6. In view of police officers! Kanshi picture niba Edger. Let him regards for other people. As a popular musician, he should have not gone political. Sorry for what happened to him. A lesson to the would be musicians.

  7. Why can’t other tribes learn da ethical behaviors from Easteners, Easten province is da land of piece No tribalism, no violet, we don’t vote 4 our tribal mate BUT we go 4 a good leaders.

  8. no arrest should do be made y? who doesn’t know Tonga’s u think u can go to the TONGA land and come out alive I don’t think so and u support PF to me Tonga’s have declared war with the JELABO AND BEMBA’s

  9. You think we forget easily like the chicken u r????? Dandy declared war the moment he issued that statement n u ll never enter n leave our territory freely. He thot his statement was lightly received!!!!!