PF nets over 500 UPND members


OVER 550 members from the United Party for National Development (UPND) and Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) in Eastern Province have defected to the ruling Patriotic Front.
The members, who are from Vubwi, Mambwe, Lundazi and Chipata, were led by their district party officials and were welcomed at a ceremony by PF deputy-secretary general Mumbi Phiri at Zambia Wildlife Authority grounds in Chipata yesterday.
Speaking after receiving the new members, Mrs Phiri said the PF is significantly gaining membership country-wide and urged party leaders to maintain the momentum the party has gained in mobilising new members.
She said there is need for both old and new members to be united and work towards building and strengthening the party without side-lining each other.
“Let’s unite with new members, let’s embrace them like any other person who joined the party a long time ago and find where to fit them in our structures so that we can grow the party. The Bemba-speaking people have a proverb which says ‘the size of a chicken is determined by its feathers’. This should be the case with PF, where we should have more people,’’ Mrs Phiri said.


Mrs Phiri urged new members to be humble and work with the party leadership with a common goal of growing and strengthening it.
And Mrs Phiri has urged women to emulate Vice-President Inonge Wina and demonstrate exemplary behaviour, saying this will help to mould future generations and lead to more women occupying leadership positions.
She said Mrs Wina, who is Zambia’s first woman vice-president, is an exceptional woman and leader who is a role model and must be emulated.
“For the first time in the history of our country, we have the first female vice-president who is well respected and a role model. Many people out there feel proud talking about her because of her decency in manner she walks, dresses, speaks…and just the way she does things, she is a good example to the young ones,‘’ she said.
Mrs Phiri said President Lungu deserves commendation for being the first President in Zambia to appoint a woman for the country’s second-highest office.
And speaking on behalf of the defectors, former MMD youth secretary Chembe Daka said he decided to join PF because of the good leadership that President Lungu has demonstrated during the time he has been in office.
“We have decided to join PF because of the good leadership that the PF has shown to the people under President Lungu and we promise to work together with the old members to ensure that the party retains power during the 2016 general elections,” Mr Daka said.



  1. RB FORMULA.PF cadres deffecting from PF and joining PF.we call this propaganda “stage managed defection. It was very famous with RB and now adopted by chagwa. Sign of a dying party.what a pity !!!!

  2. Dey defect in open nd cameras do tek deir photos,bt votin z done secret,no 1 cn see u only yoself.

  3. In your dreams. People are suffering yet u dream about defections. If u said moved away from suffering pf to promised zambia better. We are fade of ur cheating

  4. Lusakavoice na ma fake defections.Which Mambwe District? Do have your own Mambwe District?

  5. wen mumbi comes and gives u money,tels u to defect,plz eat that money and cast yr vote wisely

  6. Hahaha i enjoy when people become emotional. Madam phiri just make sure dey have voter cards so dat we kolopa big time

  7. Ikunyokoleni njala mukawele futi mu UPND magalu imwe…not a shocking thing because MMD is rulling for those from UPND i must say we didnt even have their names here so they were not our members its prunk to the PF.#ba_zigong’a

  8. The only fake defector I know is one who I vice President for an opposition party and refus to resign from the other party

  9. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! this is desperation at it’s highest, please stop those monkey antics you’re disgracing your lungu.

  10. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! this is desperation at it’s highest, please stop those monkey antics you’re disgracing your lungu.

  11. Sorry we already knew about that 5days ago.Its a fake thing.No one is shaken.

  12. Those defectors I think they were paid coz from the way things at now one would not even want to see anyone putting on pf t-shirts or chitenge coz it just remainds one of the missary we ar going thru

  13. A lot of farmers now they have stoped using fertiliser.they now use conservation farming.

  14. We read this already about 5days ago that this will happen, actually thats why mumbi phiri went early to fake this defection

  15. Those who say they are fake defectors are those who will be disappointed when EL wins elections 2016. Eastern will vote for EL because of development taken place here.

  16. Who Transported Those Members To Chipata From Those Places?. 550 Kikikikiki Know That A Lot Will Defect In The Opposite Direction

  17. Those people are PF going round getting T shirts and Chitenge materials everywhere. So you will see how ZNBC and those that support insala will cover this petty issue

  18. Wat ar Thoz defectors seem in Lungu’s misery government wen dey hv seen Pipo lyk SAMPA Resigning frm were thy ar goin

  19. soon even upnd leader will defect to pf……2016 has come and we shall see who God has ordained for presidency.

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  21. They are just wasting public funds,paying them to make fake defections meanwhile they will return in 2016 for the 50kg bag of fertilizer is about k450,under this condition who can win an election?