73 year old man jailed 4 years for manslaughter


A SEVENTY-THREE-YEAR-OLD man of Chibombo in Central Province has been sentenced to four years imprisonment for manslaughter.
Sunday Mukamba on July 19 this year caused the death of Milton Mumba in Chibombo in Chief Mugule’s area.
Mukamba and the deceased had a fight on the evening of July 19, leading to him using a stick to hit him and that Mr Mumba’s condition worsened leading to his demise.
Investigations were conducted and a post-mortem was carried out which revealed that Mr Mumba died due to severe head trauma and cardiac respiratory failure.
In mitigation, Mukamba pleaded with the court to be lenient with him as he was a first offender who was remorseful and regretted his actions.


Ms Justice Elita Mwikisa in passing judgement said it was sad that Mukamba, who was a senior citizen, was supposed to lead by example instead of engaging in fights.
She said Mukamba should have refrained himself and sat the deceased down and engage him in talks instead of fighting.
Ms Justice Mwikisa advised Mukamba to reflect on his actions as he remained in prison and reform.