IMF team in Zambia to discuss country’s economy


A team from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is in the country on a staff mission for discussions on the economy.
The visiting team is expected to meet Government authorities, the Bank of Zambia, development partners, the private sector, civil society and think tank organizations.
The visit by the IMF team is at the invitation of the Zambian Government earlier this quarter and the meetings will be held from 11th to 20th November, 2015.
At the start of the consultative meetings with the IMF, Secretary to the Treasury, Fredson Yamba said the coming of the IMF team to Zambia would not have been at a more appropriate and opportune time than now when Zambia, like most emerging markets is facing economic challenges.
Mr. Yamba says Government is fully committed to fiscal consolidation and maintaining strong, steady and inclusive growth through ensuring a stable policy environment and delivering of supportive infrastructure for the development of the private sector, which is the back-bone of the economic prosperity going forward.


The IMF team led by the Mission Chief to Zambia, Tsidi Tsikita, comprises officials who specialize in real, fiscal, monetary and external economic matters.
The core issues that will form part of the discussions will be Macroeconomic performance in 2015 and the medium term outlook; Fiscal developments in 2015 and the outlook; Debt and debt sustainability issues; Monetary policy developments; and External sector developments
The discussions will also be on future relations between the government and the IMF. The outcome of the deliberations will culminate in the definition of practical measures to the challenges facing the country.