Agriculture officer slaps UPND official over e-voucher statement


TEMPERS flared on Thursday when Central Province Agricultural coordinator Adrin Nansungwe assaulted a UPND official after the latter addressed her by her first name when he was asked to explain his statement on the FISP.

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Featuring on a KNC live radio programme on Tuesday, Central Province UPND youth chairman Milner Mwanakampwe charged that the government had reduced the number of beneficiaries for this season’s Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) in Central Province.

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“The total number of farmers in Kabwe district is 31, 464 but the active number of farmers that have been participating from 2011 to
about 2013 is about 28, 464 but…when Dr Nansungwe came in as PACO, she reduced the number of farmers for this farming season, which is the 2015/2016 by 7,000 to 21, 464…,” said Mwakampwe

Following the radio programme, Dr Nansungwe summoned Mwanakampwe to her office over his statement to the local media regarding the government’s implementation of the Farmer Input Support Programme, and threatened to sue the UPND member for issuing “false information”.

But when Mwanakampwe addressed her by her first name, Dr Nansungwe got furious and slapped him in the face in full view of other government officers, causing the former’s lips and left cheek to swell.
Mwanakampwe explained that he received a phone-call requesting him to go to Dr Nansungwe’s office for a meeting over his statement on the FISP, to which he obliged.

“I am short of words! You see when we reached with my colleagues, I was asked if I could justify the figures I gave during a radio programme

I was featured on KNC, and I responded that ‘yes I can justify’. Then she said that I was called to be informed that she is taking me to court, so I got surprised and responded that she needed not to have called me, as what should have been served to him were summons, which seemingly incensed her and before I could realise, I was slapped right

in the face. Then I asked ‘Adrin, do you know what you are doing?’ She now got mad and hit me on my left cheek and we could not discuss any further, so we drove straight to the police for a medical report and here I am with my swollen face,” explained Mwanakampwe.
UPND Central Province chairperson Albert Chifita condemned Dr Nansungwe’s actions.

“This unprofessionalism will not be tolerated under the UPND leadership and when government workers can react in such a manner, it clearly demonstrates to you that things are not good and we want Adrin to know that it is only a few more months to go for such civil servants of her calibre,” said Chifita.
Dr Nansungwe declined to comment on the matter.

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