Pastor disappears with school girl for 3 days


A clergy man of Glory Church in Chadiza District is contemplating to leave his ministry after being lynched for befriending and taking off with a school girl for almost three days.

Christian Phiri was last Thursday lynched by the girl’s sister and her boyfriend after it was discovered that he had eloped with the named school girl for three days.

The clergy man was only rescued by good Samaritans from the community who rushed to the scene.

The man of God is however, moving around with a bowed head because of the shame he has brought upon the clergy men in the area.

And members of the Glory Church who declined to be quoted said their pastor was present yesterday at church but that his ego was so low as compared to other Sundays when preaching.

They said a number of people were wondering as to what could have happened to their pastor over the weekend.