‘No sex, please, nights are for sleeping’

Lusaka High Court

A KITWE husband has narrated that his wife of five years has been denying him sex for the past two years because she says nights are for sleeping.
Michael Kunda told the Buchi Local Court that his wife, Rachael Kabwe, has even chased him out of the matrimonial home.
Kunda told Magistrate Elizabeth Banda that problems in their marriage started in 2013 when Kabwe stopped sleeping with him.
He was narrating in a case in which Kabwe sued him for divorce. The two got married in 2005 and have two children together.
“Whenever I tried to touch my wife at night, she would reject my advances and tell me that nights are meant for sleeping and nothing else. Sometimes, she would apologise for her behaviour claiming she does not know the reason she behaves in that way,” he said.


Kunda also accused his wife of being promiscuous. He said Kabwe is fond of engaging in extra-marital affairs, adding that he once met her with another man whom she did not introduce to him.
“Because of Kabwe, I have stopped going to our marital home since she packed my clothes and chased me away,” he said.
Kabwe, however, told the court that problems in her marriage started when Kunda found a job in Lufwanyama.
She said Kunda stopped visiting her and the children. She said when she confronted him, he said he had impregnated another woman. Kabwe said she later discovered that Kunda was staying with the woman he had impregnated.
Passing judgment, the court granted divorce, noting that there was no love between the couple. The court also noted that the absence of intimacy between the couple contributed to the breakdown of the marriage.



  1. what an insane woman denieng her husband his conjugar rights and forgeting the reasons she moved in his bedroom