It is bad journalism to fabricate stories against RB- ZDDM


The opposition ZDDM has described as bad journalism the continued fabrication of stories against former President RupiaBanda by some media houses.

The ZDDM thinks that it is wrong for some section of the media to continue attributing stories which Mr. Banda has never said or action he was never been seen to have done.
ZDDM president Edwin Sakala notes that his party suspects that people that are behind allegations that Mr. Banda may not support President Edgar Lungu in the 2016 general elections could be the ones that were behind the earlier assertions that Mr. Banda has been controlling President Lungu.
Mr. Sakala has wondered why these people have continued fabricating stories about Mr. Banda when he is readily available to clarify what he intends to do next year.
He has told Qfm News in a statement that as a party that championed the RB come back campaign the ZDDM is satisfied that President Lungu has lived to the expectation of most of the people that supported him in the run-up to the January 20th presidential election this year.
Mr. Sakala says President Lungu has shown to all that he is a leader for all Zambians.
He says this is evidenced by how he is ensuring that development reaches even areas where he did not get a vote from.