Kyambalesa questions President Lungu’s love for God


US based Zambian academician Henry Kyambalesa has observed that the establishment of the House of Prayer for All Nations Tabernacle by President Edgar Lungu using taxpayers’ money is not an indication that he loves and appreciates God.
Mr. Kyambalesa says much as the Zambians love God, he does not think it should be acceptable to openly steal people’s resources for use in demonstrating how much people love and appreciate Him.
He says if President Lungu therefore loves and appreciates God more than anyone else, he should have established the Tabernacle using his personal resources before his ascendance to the presidency or after his term or terms of office as Republican president.


Mr. Kyambalesa has told Qfm News in a statement for the fact that religious establishments are essentially non-governmental institutions he does not believe the President has the constitutional right or mandate to create any such institutions at taxpayer expense.
He also notes that the name of the Tabernacle further implies that countries worldwide will be congregating in Zambia for prayers.
Mr. Kyambalesa has wondered whether or not by giving the Tabernacle the name ‘House of Prayer for All Nations’ this is what President Lungu intended that other countries be congregating in Zambia.