2 babies found strapped on their dead mothers’ bodies


POLICE in Kaoma district have arrested two men for allegedly murdering their partners following suspected disputes.

Kaoma police officer-in-charge James Chitembo confirmed the arrest of fugitives Daniel Bisesa and Brian Muniwe Mukonda of Luampa and Kaoma respectively.
Chitembo said Bisesa, 38 is alleged to have murdered his wife, only known as Nalucha, with an axe.

Nalucha sustained a deep cut on the neck.

He said Bisesa of Lyonga village in chief Tete’s area in Luampa district was picked up from Mbanyutu area in the locality after a tip-off from members of the public.

Chitembo said Mukonda, 22 a driver of Kaoma district also of chief Tete’s area, was arrested in Kaoma’s Kalumwange area in connection with the murder of Esther Kapalu of the same area.

He said Kapula, 24, is believed to have been murdered at home on Friday October 30, 2015 around 20:00 hours by Mukonda, who is said to have been her boyfriend.

Chitembo said Kapalu’s body was then dragged several metres from the scene and was only discovered by passers-by the following morning.

He said Kapalu sustained a deep stab wound to her stomach.

In both incidents, the victims’ babies were found strapped to their dead mothers’ bodies.
Chitembo said that both infants have been placed under the care of the Department of Social Welfare, who would decide on where to take them.

He said that the police were saddened that murder cases were on the rise due to marital problems in Kaoma and urged couples to resolve their differences amicably.

He said the police command in the district would not allow lawlessness and warned that perpetrators of such grievous acts would not escape the law.