Zambia loosing revenue – Envoy


Zambia High Commissioner to Tanzania Judith Kapijimpanga has expressed concern over the non-renewal of a clearing and forwarding licence for the Zambian government owned clearing firm MOFED.

MOFED is an acronym for Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, which replaced the defunct Zamcargo Clearing Company.

Speaking to journalists, Mrs. Kapijimpanga said the Tanzania Revenue Authority has been giving MOFED piece-meal operating licenses.

The High Commissioner pointed out that Zambia is losing out on revenue because of the non-issuance of an operating license to MOFED.

Mrs. Kapijimpanga said she will seek the intervention of President Edgar Lungu to ensure that MOFED is licensed to operate on a full basis.

She said once MOFED is issued with the licence, Zambia stands to gain from increased revenue through clearing of goods.

Mrs Kapijimpanga said MOFED is well placed to handle clearing activities for Zambia’s copper and timber products.

She noted that 70 per cent of goods coming through Dar es Salaam port are destined for Zambia.