23 year old man commits suicide to escape arrest

hang suicide
hang suicide

A 23 year old man in Mbala district has committed suicide by hanging himself.

This was after he heard that police were pursuing him for breaking in a building and stealing property worth over K12, 000.

Police have confirmed the incident which happened on Tuesday and named the deceased as Amos Milambo of Chulungoma Village in Chief Mfwambo’s area.

It is alleged that Milambo while working with another person who is currently detained at Mbala Police Station broke into a shop and stole household goods therein.

Police said when Milambo who is an ex-convict heard that his friend has been arrested and he was being pursued he ran away from his home and his body was only found hanging in the graveyard.

Police have ruled out foul play and ordered the family to bury the body.

Meanwhile, three people were yesterday struck to death by lightening in separate incidences in Mbala while preparing their fields.

In the first incidence, a mother and daughter were struck when they were preparing a makeshift house in readiness for farming activities.

Police named the woman as Brenda Nachangwa aged 60 and her 14 year old daughter Angela Nachula of Munsimbwe village in Senior Chief Nsokolo area.

In another incident, Trust Sinyangwe aged 24 of Kavumbo in Chief Mpande’s area was struck dead by lightening while working his field.

Police in the area have confirmed the two separate incidences to ZANIS adding that the three bodies are lying in Mbala general hospital mortuary.