Kaingu’s colleges, Universities tuition fees-hike proposal not favored


Higher Education Minister Michael Kaingu’s proposal to hike tuition fees as a way of reducing congestion in colleges and Universities has not been received well.
University of Zambia Post Graduate Students Association Secretary General Lackson Lungu says it is immoral for the Minister to consider hiking fees under the current economic situation as a way of addressing congestion.
Mr. Lungu says many students have in the recent past dropped out of University and college because they have failed to pay their tuition fees.
He says the only way government can reduce congestion in Universities and Colleges is by considering the cutoff point for someone to qualify to go to college.
Mr. Lungu says the Minister’s proposal does not favor the Zambian people who deserve education.


And Copperbelt University Students Union (COBUSU) president Humphrey Mwenya says the proposal to hike tuition fees is aimed at hindering the majority Zambians from access higher education.
Mr. Mwenya has advised government to open newly constructed Universities so as to reduce congestion in the existing ones instead of hiking fees which the poor Zambians cannot afford.
He adds that government should also consider converting Trade Institutes into Universities and Colleges if they are to reduce congestion in higher learning institutions.